Insignificant Others

As ‘the vibration war’ rages on, an overcrowded Earth relies on research conducted by scientists in remote stations across the solar system. One of these, a small experimental research station on the planet Nibiru, is run solely by the insignificant Others. Their mission is to monitor the use of the Silent Sound Spread Spectrum and other government frequency weapon systems. These systems are capable of producing destructive tones into millions of watts straight into the ionosphere, directly into our homes, and through all of us.

iO1 and iO2 have been isolated on Nibiru for several years and to avoid going crazy on ‘noise’ duty they have been supplied with the hypnotic drug ‘blue dreamer’. Under the influence of the disco-techy ‘blue dreamer’, it is possible to unravel and understand these tones and take us deeper and further on our path of transcendence.

The government are convinced that the iOs are very close to ‘aborting time’ so have sent in a psychotic but glitched-up robot called W.A.F.E to kidnap and replace them. W.A.F.E. is powered by vibrations extracted from everyday microwave ovens, HDTVs, wireless routers, cellular phones and basically every text message we send and receive.

Will the iOs have enough time to block out these deliberately harmful tones thus releasing us all to mental, emotional, and sensory awareness or will the robots overpower the humans and start running tings.