This Is A Recording Chemical Waves DJ Mix


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This Is A Recording Promo Mix


A promo mix of new and old This Is A Recording tracks
All music written and produced by This Is A Recording


01 Spectral Blues (Intro)
02 Baxter Groove
03 Chemical Waves (Part I & II)
04 M-Theory
05 Pure Want
06 The Truth


This Is A Recording’s Venusians Mix

Dream Chimney Music Blog Guest Mix




This Is A Recording’s Pixel Sunsets DJ Mix

Slowdive – Rutti
Jon Hopkins – Abandoned Window
Abakuya – A Yenemisme
Lasers – Porto
Jagwa Ma – Backwards Berlin
Four Hands – Hizou
Maria Minerva – Mad Girl’s Love Song
Lusine – Operation Costs
Phil France – Transition
Sinjin Hawke – The Ballad Of Martyn Bootyspoon
Psapp – Velvet Pony
Young And Sick – For Her
Jessy Lanza – Giddy
Flume – Sleepless
Chrome Sparks – Your Planet
Tom Misch – The Journey
Lasers – Paris
Pharrell Williams – Happy (Plage 84 remix)
Baths – Animals (Animal Weapon remix)
This Is A Recording – Electric Suns
Jon Hopkins – Circle
Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise’



This Is A Recording Slow motion mix 2014

Alucidnation – Protocol
Cuetec – Momentum (Brendon P Love In Motion dub)
Mudd & Pollard – Mawson’s Walk
Sellouts – Satisfy
LTJ – Dreaming
Toomy Disco – Static Friction
Clap Rules – Fredless
Tony T – The Feeling
Mosaik – Came Around
Brendon P – Flying Dogs (By Sunset)
Smith & Mudd – Vegetable Square
Tony Betties – You & I (Isaac Tichauer remix)
Marius VÃ¥reid – Skumle Planer



insignificant Others Promo Mix 2013

insignificant Others – Blue Dreamers
insignificant Others – Use My X insignificant Others – Roc-A-Fella Skanked
insignificant Others – It’s Me
Harold Heath – Long Relationships (insignificant Others Remix)
insignificant Others – 12 Inch Circles
insignificant Others – Collagen
insignificant Others – Milk
insignificant Others – Girls In America (iO Evil Robot Women Remix)
Echaskech – Popstars (insignificant Others Remix)
Bug Bug – Juggernaut (insignificant Others Remix)
insignificant Others – Me & Silver T
insignificant Others – We Are Friends Electric



This Is A Recording Balearadelic Mix 2013

Spectral Blues (Siren Mix) – This Is A Recording
Spectral Blues (Crystal Mix) – This Is A Recording
Future Days – Can
Le Wasuk – Idjut Boys
Birds (Frankie Valentine Air Sign mix) – Torn Sail
Fearless – Pink Floyd
The Ride – Black Body
L G Psychedlic – Almunia
Knot Blue – Hello Skinny
Default – Atoms For Peace



This Is A Recording Second Sun Mix 2012

Junta Jaeger – Rune Lindbaek
Communicate – The Mythical Beasts
Fly Away (40 Thieves Remix) – Mushroom Project
L&G Psychedelic – Almunia
Love Hunter – Idjut Boys
Lullabies in The Dark – Iridium
Do You Know Who You Are – Virgo
The Second Sun (Gazeebo Reprise) – This is a Recording
The Second Sun (Sunrise Mix) – This is a Recording
One For Kenny – Idjut Boys
Salvia (Original Mix) – The men behind the sun


This Is A Recording Loft Mix June 2011

Montesa – This Is A Recording – OCD Records
Boutade (Miseridub) – Mugwump – Misericord
Birdshell (Burnt Island Casuals mix) – Craig_Bratley – Instruments of Rapture
Super Monkey – Hannulelauri – Relish Germany
Truckin’ (original_mix) – Darabi – Clouded Vision
Cankle – Tal Klein & Anthony Mansfield – Aniligital US
Knock Em Down (Le_Loup_Hypnofunk_remix) – Darabi – Get The Curse Music France
Herbal Cake (The Revenge Rubdown) – Space Ranger – Love Monk Spain
Lifestyle 101 (original mix) – Rudys Midnight Machine – Faze Action
Vox Populi (Kid Who remix dub) – Jupiter – Endless Summer
Kanal (Prins Thomas Sure Oppstat) – Telephones – Full Pupp Norway
Metropole – Kink Neville Watson – Rush Hour Holland
Implant – Idjut Boys – Clone Records
If Y’All Won’t Let Me (Faze_Action_dub) – The Soul Renegades – Instruments of Rapture
Horny Morning Loop (TVS Aera Monday Morning Acid dub) – DJ Kaos – Horny Morning Loop
Ragysh (original mix) – Todd Terje – Running Back Germany