Salvia by The Men Behind The Sun

//// CHAPTER OCD004 ////


A Slow motion, outer-space, alien asteroid storm descends on Starship Reality. It’s time to take refuge at Planet Salvia. The only way to get there is via ultra-sonic neural surgery that will enable us to slow time down to an eventual standstill. In doing so we arrive at a place of wondrous beauty where all is forgotten and everything is possible.
From Denver, Colarado, to beyond the sun and onwards to other galaxies, goes our intrepid space traveller Mr Gazeebo, turning supernova in the process! Watch him radiate beauty throughout the universe in the form of hypnotic, kaleidoscopic sound waves. Feel his vibrations ripple through you in the form of funked-up riffs, balearic beats and dubbed-out motorcycle madness, and incase you wondered, he always leans into the bends!


An organic world. A digital plane. Dan Baber uses Salvia to transcend this realm and transform himself into a digital being. From evolved analogue circuitry he becomes a new binary super-being through audio manipulation. Share in his transformation as he breaks down and disintegrates into a million gigabytes, a trillion particles of information, to become unison with the universe. From zero to hero, there can be only one!


Through nothing less than clinical, sonic precision and musical mastery, Professor Robinson excels himself once again at the OCD DNA laboratory. Whilst single handedly mutating X-Y-Z chromosome disco genes (not as easy as the A-B-C or the 1-2-3 ones!), he has created a new form of ass-kicking subsonic tech-funk, one that is highly volatile and unable to remain stable at all times when reproduced through a loud PA system! Beware of contamination!


Do you dare to stare into the heart of the sun and sacrifice yourself to the Gods? If you do then salvation is all yours as the universe vibrates to your decaying radiation. For you are the Sun, the new Sun, the Sun of all Gods.


Salvia (Original Mix) – The Men Behind The Sun



Salvia (Gazeebo’s Groovalicious Space Remix) – The Men Behind The Sun


Salvia (Dan Baber’s Get With My Binary Side Remix) – The Men Behind The Sun


Salvia (Dave Robinson’s Northern Heights Remix) – The Men Behind The Sun