Spectral Blues by This Is A Recording

//// CHAPTER OCD006 ////


The ones that are known as This Is A Recording return to the OCD Records mothership fresh from their tropical space rock journey with the U.S’s Gazeebo International label. Flying back to the UK under the nu-disco/ balearadelic radar with more stealth offerings in the form of their latest track ‘Spectral Blues’. This isn’t about money. This isn’t about hype. This is about soul. Soul from another dimension as they take the ghosts of pioneering seventies psychedelic rock, tether them to the mast and set sail for mars powered by a baseline inspired straight from the’Sly and Robbie’ dub textbook. Echoed blues riffs give way to sonic washes and sonar bleeps from deep space. Forget nu disco. This is just nu.


On remix duties we welcome Spain’s Dynamicron from the ever consistent Los Grandes imprint. This man does not mess about. Pulling no punches he takes things into the realms of heavyweight disco and superfly dance floor deliriousness by setting his Spanish sundial to 11. Madrid won’t know whats hit ’em. If that isn’t enough, TIAR finish of the package with a stripped back ambient tripped-out remix . Sweet bliss.


Spectral Blues (Crystal Mix) – This Is A Recording



Spectral Blues (Dynamicron Remix) – This Is A Recording


Spectral Blues (Siren Mix) – This Is A Recording